Leaders and Best Accost Uber Driver for Being a “Minimum Wage F*ggot”

Observe the shameless laziness and callous disrespect and then remember that this is a student at one of the top ranked universities in the world.

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A video has been making rounds today that, if not in substance, in essence captures the character of the “leaders and best” very nicely. The video shows a group of beta male students accosting an Uber driver after he (presumably) canceled their ride for their bad behavior.

The leader of the group, showing signs of early male pattern baldness and wearing clothing indicative of a rich daddy, had some rather unlettered words for the driver:

“Minimum wage faggot.”

“They (the University) don’t give a shit about you…(I) spend the most money here.”

“Fuck you Arthur, you little faggot fuck.”

And my favorite, in a moment of honesty: “You have to work all day? I’m going to go sit on my ass and watch some TV!”

Here’s the full video:

Normally I wouldn’t bother myself on a Sunday to write about other people, but this instance gave me a satisfying reminder of why I dropped out of college and an interesting look into the mindset that the millennial university experience breeds:

Observe what he said again: “(I) spend the most money here.”

This is, of course, a lie.

His college tuition is paid for either by A) his parents (who have achieved a success he will likely never reach) and/or B) a student loan (which he’ll likely never pay off).

If A, he’s a hypocrite and a parasite. If B, he’s an idiot who will one day after graduation, indebted beyond belief, realize that the Uber drive he mocked has a higher standard of living than he does.

Observe also his closing: “You have to work all day? I’m going to go sit on my ass and watch some TV!”

Observe the egregious sense of entitlement and elitism displayed by this twenty-something year old who has accomplished nothing and done nothing in his life and yet thinks he is superior to anybody who has a job that doesn’t require a degree from the University of Michigan.

Observe the shameless laziness and callous disrespect and then remember that this is a student at one of the top ranked universities in the world.

If this is the leaders and best, I’m not impressed.

UPDATE: The driver of the Uber posted in the YouTube comments that this was not the first time this has occurred.

“This is 4th time that I have been harassed by this rider and his friends. Nov. Dec. and twice in March. I told him on 3rd occasion that I requested Uber to banned him but he is/was using friends accounts. Told him and his friends that I will not take them and that he/they need to get out of my car….. For that I was falsely accused, called names etc. 4th time… Rider knew from Uber application who is the driver. He had option to cancel to avoid any issues but he/they proceeded to abuse, harrase, belittle and provoke like kindergarten thugs.”

UPDATE: I’ve been told I made too broad a pronouncement about the moral state on campus with this post. I’ll refer you to the extensive vandalism at the Boyne Highlands resort last year and let you judge for yourself.

UPDATE: The Michigan Review staff has decided to release the name of the student in the video. 

UPDATE: An anonymous email has pointed me to JakeCroman.com

NOTE: The Review wants to know more. Email rev.editors@umich.edu. You will remain anonymous.

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About Derek Magill

Derek Magill is a (former) LSA student in the Classics Department. He dropped of the University of Michigan during his Sophomore year and is now the Director of Marketing at Praxis. Praxis is a 9 month startup apprenticeship program for people who want more than college.
  • joshlondon
  • Daniel Sheehan

    There’s a fake posting on YouTube that is easily debunked. Croman claimed after the video circulated that the driver discriminated against him for his religion. Later a comment was posted on the YouTube video by a “Rebecca Weiss, sophomore at U of M” that she had been called ethnic slurs by the driver. There is no Rebecca Weiss at U of M. The posting account was otherwise empty indicating it had been formed only to post that comment accusing the driver. It was a poor attempt by Croman or a cohort to smear the driver and lend credence to his claims of anti-semitism.

  • K Stase

    The students in this article are awful people who should be kicked out of UofM. With that said, you wrote an awful story about this incident.

    It seems like you have a bone to pick with people who have college degrees, especially from your would-be alma mater. You call this dickwad’s behavior the essence of the university, and however you may try to backtrack on that by claiming you said “if not in substance,” you still deliberately disparaged hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom really are among the leaders and the best, and many more who are just normal, decent humans. I know many wonderful classmates who are making the world a better place. I don’t deny that there are wealthy, entitled losers of poor character among the alumni, but it is hateful, snobby, and false to attribute that to anything but a very small minority. You further extrapolated these insults to the entire Millennial generation. Just as the students you wrote about need to check their privilege, you need to check your bigotry.

  • I guarantee that nothing this kid did or can do will jeopardize his career at the U of M. Statements will be issued and there may be a hearing but the idea that a student whose parents are this rich could possibly be expelled for any reason bar murder is unthinkable.

    And THAT’S the problem.

  • Instead of mixing opinions about what a douche this guy is with reporting, you could just report the story and then follow it up with an opinion piece about how elitism and entitlement is undermining the idea of the university as a shared experience in which students regard each other and people in an egalitarian manner. For a lot of these students, dorm life is about as challenging as living in a Radisson. The days of living on ramen and cereal are long gone. Many of them do not even have part-time jobs and will never ‘work’ in any real sense of that word. All they are doing is preparing for a long career ordering servers around.

    Afterward, you might use this incident to go about and maybe ask service people in A2 about their experiences with the student body. The names they’ve been called. the times they’ve been insulted and stiffed. The cruelty and disparagement they’ve encountered.

    I guarantee you, nearly everyone has a story to tell, and the majority of the victims are women.

  • Oh they do that too. But 9 times out of 10, the barista isn’t a middle-aged immigrant. It’s harder to demean someone who looks like he’s in a band.

  • Or perhaps organizing some sort of initiative to, oppose sneering privilege and demeaning working people?

    I see posters all over the university for all manner of events but ‘Is much of this student body a bunch of entitled little shits?’ never seems to come up at the debating society.

  • There was nothing ambiguous about that. He used the worst possible language to publicly demean someone in front of an audience of his friends. He gloated over the man’s lesser status. He degraded someone older than him. He played every nasty card there is, bar race. And he knows the man by name. So they have met before.

    Also, he knows he is being filmed. And he keeps gloating and sneering.

  • Anybody still shouting ‘faggot’ in a public place is 2016 is asking to get his ass handed to him.

    It is ‘ni**er’ for gay people. It is as bad as ‘ni**er’ and at least as bad as calling a woman a ‘c**t’.

  • The U of M has been fellating the children of the wealthy for too long now and it is starting to be reflected in a sense of gross entitlement in the student body as a whole. And it’s not just vicious thugs like Croman, or frats vandalizing resorts. You can go to restaurants all over Ann Arbor and watch any student who is rich enough not to worry about their tuition behaving disparagingly to people they consider ‘poor’, Can you imagine this: we now live in an America so fractured by privilege and snobbery that Britain looks like Denmark by comparison. These kids simply do not expect to work in the traditional sense of the word. They never expect to struggle. They are all special.

    Even the nice ones.

  • It does not need to be defamed. Fraternities have been bywords for racist, elitist male privilege, sexism and misogyny, boorishness and drunkenness, for decades. Since the 70’s in fact.

    You realize that ‘Greek life’ does not exist in any other civilized country? Not even in bastion of classism like England or Italy?

  • Edsel Brewers

    Its about time someone face what the 1st Amendment really means.

  • Rich Brunelle

    Most comments here seem to be from students that don’t want to be included into the same group as the jerk in the video. It would seem far more productive to spend your time NOT being part of the group discussed than bitching about it’s existence.

  • “Go to any Starbucks on any campus and you’ll hear the same type of conversations.”

    I agree.

    That is why I referred to the video as “an interesting look into the mindset that the millennial university experience breeds.”

    I don’t mean to imply this is limited to Michigan.

  • Katherine Sneider

    By saying these characteristics capture “the essence” of Michigan students, you are implying that this is how the majority act. Moreover, do you really want to use conversations at a Starbucks to back up your claims? Go to a Starbucks on any campus and you’ll hear the same type of conversations. As for Yik Yak, it’s an anonymous platform which does not require you to be a Michigan student to pose as one so you can’t use any of its content as credible evidence.

  • I’m not interested in whether or not you’re offended by this.

    Nowhere did I claim that all Michigan students behave like this. I said that this captures, in essence (as opposed to substance), the character of students on campus. That means in fundamentals, they hold similar traits, even though they might not take them to the extreme this student did.

    Should I list them?

    1) A total disconnect from reality.
    2) A lack general lack of respect towards others.
    3) Proud laziness. (Just listen to conversations in the South University Starbucks)
    4) A sense of entitlement.

    I went to the University of Michigan and that was my experience, and incidentally, the experience of most of the students who have shared this article. I invite you to download Yik Yak to see what the campus is saying about this student and this piece.

    Do I blame the university administration? Absolutely, I think they are to a large degree responsible. The Atlantic has a better piece on this, much better than I can write now: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2015/09/the-coddling-of-the-american-mind/399356/

  • another guest

    MY point was to simply call attention to the fact that his rights to “free speech” are not being violated.

    Public shaming in the social media age is something that needs to be discussed, I agree with you. That being said, the kid is clearly a jerk. And being a jerk in public has consequences… now more than ever. Something to always keep in mind.

  • Edward Green

    My point is people can lose their entire career over something that is ambiguously offensive. So my point is, if you’re easily offended, then record everyone you think is an asshole. Does that make things better? Perhaps there are situations, where words are taken out of context and the person originally meant no harm or was joking? Can we even joke anymore without worrying about offending someone? Is that progress?

  • another guest

    Dude, learn what free speech actually means. Here is a wonderful cartoon explanation for you, courtesy of xkcd.

  • Katherine Sneider

    This is a broad overstatement of the student body which pays little attention to a majority of its population. All events referred to in this article revolve around Greek Life – which makes up less than 1/4th of the student body. Not to mention, members of the Greek community do not condone this behavior – and have taken immediate action in all cases you have mentioned. You really need to think about the weight of your claims when trying defame such a beloved institution to so many. It’s incredibly offensive and, furthermore, it is people like yourself who read one article and assume you know everything about a situation, who perpetuate negative stigmas surrounding the millennial generation. This kid is a douche, not all Michigan students are the same way.

  • Logan pitts

    I don’t attack your argument because of your credentials, I attack your argument because it is absurd, logically unsupported, and sensationalized. I then attribute that type of argument to an undereducated person…a category you seem to fall into.

    Good job getting blog views at the expense of a university’s reputation. You’re really providing immense value to the public discourse.

  • Come on — don’t like your own comments.

    I’ll assume it’s an accident.

  • Agrees with my analysis — attacks my intelligence immediately afterwards because I don’t possess a formal credential. The great Argumentum ad Dropout! I haven’t heard it before…

    It was a short piece — not the place for an extended argument about the value of college. My experience on campus tells me it’s a systemic problem (oohhhh I know, anecdotes are baaaad!)

    Regardless, I appreciate the comment.

  • karim

    I driver a uber black car .no douche punk would dare talk to me like that.how u deal with the riders will dictate how they gonna behave. U respect me I respect u.try me and u will get hurt.
    Why do white people think they can talk trash to a driver? It’s not like you go to a Starbucks and talk smack to the barista.

  • Perry Zong

    What a terrible piece of journalism

  • Edward Green

    When is NOT a violation of the 1st amendment. When it’s offensive-ish language? Like calling someone a bad uber driver, and if they just happened to be 1/10th Asian?

  • Edward Green

    We sure live in a world where you can’t say anything offensive. Although these guys were probably entitled, fratastic white boys, I doubt we should we throw the 1st ammendent out the window anytime someone is RECORDED saying something offensive? I’m sure some of you haters have said something offensive that would get you in trouble as well. P.C. outrage generation!

  • Kaibelf

    So since you don’t like the story, you attack the author personally with name-calling and such? Shows that you’re just as immature and ignorant as the loser in the video. Which one of the guys is you? The poser on the left or the wannabe in glasses next to him perhaps?

  • Kaibelf

    News is news. Deal with it. His father is a very well-known piece of garbage from New York who is under investigation for trying to scare people out of their homes. Also, 18+ is not a “kid” and it is NOT legal to shout hate speech at people. Clearly you need more schooling. Get some standards, or get out.

  • mt

    One would like to think the above, but its equally likely the kid is a huge piece of shit. apples and trees

  • Logan pitts

    Although I completely agree with your character analysis of these four idiots, your general argument is logically weak. Perhaps if you had remained in college, you would have learned that specific incidences of bigotry do not indicate an entire student body acts similarly. Grouping tens of thousands of students into one, sweeping analysis is an action as ignorant and uninformed as our four spoiled friends. That being said, you certainly deserve praise for your unique attempt to justify dropping out of university.

  • Owen Thomas

    Doesn’t that violate the school’s code of conduct?

  • David Crisp

    Then these sorry ass millennial’s wonder why they can not get a ride in some markets unless it is surging. Uber cannot find a big enough carrot to go within 3 miles of any college. Uber has enough good customers it should thin the herd of these ASSHOLES period; but they won’t because they have “the guy in the front seat” to deal with the general public. Remember Uber is a technology company. One of these ASSHOLES is going to push one of these drivers over the line and find out much space is under a Prius. Uber driver drivers provide a service that works for today’s economy, I challenge all of you that use the service, although it is a “Cashless” transaction TIP YOUR DRIVERS. “Do you tell your bartender, wait staff, or stripper doing a lap dance “I give you 5*****’s.

  • Sam

    You queef out written pieces? Might want to get that checked out.

  • ayep

    The only harm, if any is done, was done by the kid with his own mouth to himself.
    He’s college edumacated and all, so we can all be sure he is real smart and understands the consequences.

    Good times!

  • Lars Anderson

    What an asshat.

  • Dsquared6465

    Why don’t you make things a little more practical and a little less one-sided and speak to this kid and ask his side of the story? I doubt this reaction was solely caused by an uber driver kindly asking him to vacate the car. There’s obviously so much more the story but clearly you have the writing skills of a squirrel with a crystal meth problem.

  • Dsquared6465

    I queef out better written pieces than this.

  • forzablu

    I would expect trying to dox the men in the video from the Daily …. not the Review…you guys are better than this…

  • Larry

    Posting this kid’s name is border line insane. There are two sides to every story and there probably is more context that wasnt displayed in the 30 seconds of perspective from the Uber driver. You’re publically releasing this information for a kid who was just yelling at an uber driver.. It’s not illegal to shout things at people and you’re giving people a way to harm this kid.

  • Lennie Pike

    Just got back in town after vandalizing a resort.

  • Geo Garcia

    lol.. kids