5 Updates to the Jake Croman Uber Story

New updates have recently come out (no, Jake is still a balding prick) that shed some more light on yesterday’s story.

1) I received an anonymous email that linked me to the new Jake Croman “fan page.” A bit much, in my opinion. As a libertarian, I think private policing mechanism like social ostracism are a great thing, but I’ll acknowledge they aren’t always the utopia we paint them out to be.

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2) Buzzfeed reported that Jake claimed he had filed a police report (presumably over alleged antisemitism by the Uber driver) with the Ann Arbor Police Department. The police denied having his name in the system and Jake was unable to provide a case number to Buzzfeed reporters.

According to the Michigan Daily, the driver, Artur Zewada, claimed he too had filed a report. The police were able to confirm that he had indeed done this.

UPDATE: Police have confirmed Jake Croman is listed as a complainant on a recently filed report.

3) The few people who have backed Jake’s story about anti-semitism have not yet produced any evidence for this. Whether evidence can or cannot be produced will not change my opinion of Jake. A friend of Jake’s (David Taheri) claimed online yesterday that this was not the first incident with the driver. This of course begs the question, if the driver was indeed harassing Jake, why did he keep ordering him for rides?

4) Multiple sources on Facebook claim that Jake Croman will be filing a lawsuit against the driver of the Uber for discrimination. I find it interesting he only filed a lawsuit once his back was on the ropes. It doesn’t appear the issue was that important to him before. But as his multimillionaire New York landlord father has no doubt become aware of the story since the Review broke his son’s name, the game has changed.

5) Another source posted the following on Facebook today about the driver the Uber and Jake’s charges of anti-semitism. I cannot confirm the truth of this, as Alec has informed the Review that he will withhold Artur’s phone number for his privacy:


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