Loose Cannons Come in Orange

In one of the most shocking and dramatic turns of the Trump Administration, last week, in an extremely encouraging step toward bipartisanship, President Trump made a surprise deal with Democratic House and Senate Minority Leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to help raise the debt ceiling.  Further, now it appears they are all working together […]

Murder and Media Mediocrity

The style of coverage of the recent Las Vegas shooting can tell a considerable amount about the condition of our society, and deserves much more attention than the specific degeneracy of a single criminal. The lesson is this: today’s major news agencies have completely divested themselves of any feeling of responsibility to society. They have […]

What Happened: A Review

After reading What Happened, I gained a far better understanding of Hillary Clinton . What Happened, Clinton’s latest book release,  details her account of the events surrounding her monumental upset in the 2016 Presidential Election. There are some striking differences between the Hillary Clinton presented in the book versus the way she presents herself in […]

Should We Stand for the National Anthem?

In light of recent comments from President Trump regarding National Football League (NFL) players kneeling during the national anthem, owners, coaches and players alike have come out to voice their opinion on the subject. Von Miller, a linebacker for the Denver Broncos expressed that Trump’s speech was “an assault on freedom of speech”. Mike Tomlin, […]

A Worthless Investigation

Since before the November presidential election, the mainstream media has made it their mission to slander the president in every way possible, utilizing increasingly fallacious arguments toward the ultimate goal of impeachment. Following the New York Times’ initial claim that Trump colluded with Russia to win the election, other news sources have climbed onto this […]

Where Has Morality Gone?

In today’s 24-hour news media, politics has evolved from an annual to a daily endeavor, resulting in a massively polarized political society. As a result, it is easy to lose touch with inner morality; openly despising opposing political ideologies seems to be the most salient action in the United States. Whether it is an anti-free speech […]

Thoughts on the Manchester Bombing

How does one respond to an act of terror? Rhetoric in the political world and the media varied following Monday’s attack on a concert at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. The bombing, which left 23 dead and 120 injured, was condemned by most public figures. Many thoughts and prayers were publicly directed towards the […]