Jake Thorne – Editor-in-Chief unnamed

Jake Thorne is Editor-in-Chief for the Review, studying Honors Political Science and Economics at the University of Michigan. He has been an active contributor to the Review since 2014. Thorne’s commentary covers topics ranging from sports to politics.


Cole Carnick Executive Editor

Cole is a junior at the University of Michigan, studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He has been a contributor to the Review since 2016. You can keep up with his musings on Twitter @ColeCarnick.


Georgia Williams – Writer

Georgia is a junior studying History. She loves to travel (ask her about Iceland!) And is passionate about enjoying time in the outdoors, unless it’s hot out. In which case, no thanks.


Amo Manuel – Web Editor

Amo Manuel is a sophomore studying History and Computer Science at the University of Michigan. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, he is a “political agnostic” and plays jazz bass in his spare time.


Neil Shah – Editorial Editor

Neil is a Sophomore studying biochemistry in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. He is a political junkie and avid sports fan, particularly mixed martial arts.


Kevin Liu – Writer

Kevin is a freshman studying engineering at the University of Michigan. He enjoys reading and writing about contemporary politics as it pertains to foreign policy and the Middle East.

The most important issue he sees on the Michigan campus is the apathetic attitude and the lack of action that its students have towards confronting and exposing the atrocities committed by the Islamic State.


Roy Rivers (Shan He) – Columnist

unnamedUMich ‘2016, economic major, foreign affairs & history enthusiast, value investor. Trying to draw my picture of the world we know. Twitter: https://twitter.com/royrivers9206

Jesse Arm – Writer

Jesse Arm, a freshman at the University of Michigan, is interested in studying public policy and sees writing as an ideal outlet for driving thought and emotion. His recent criticism of the United Synagogue Youth’s interpretation of interfaith relationships was published in the Times of Israel and quickly ignited a nationwide debate on the matter. What troubles Arm is a perceived unwillingness among students to research current events. “Apathy toward what goes on in the administration and student leadership groups is a sad reality that we should seriously combat,” he says. In his time here at the Review, Arm hopes to promote a higher level of awareness and participation among students when it comes to current events.


Jonathan Farran – PublisherFullSizeRender-1

Jonathan is a sophomore staff writer for the Review, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Studies with a concentration in business consulting. He determined to become a successful business consultant, and eventually become heavily involved with politics with hopes
of becoming a cabinet member for a future President of the United States. When he is not writing articles, you will probably find him scoring hundreds of goals playing Intramural Soccer at Mitchell Field or The Coliseum


Ryan Shinkel – Alumni Writer

Ryan Shinkel is a alumni who is concentrated in philosophy, and creative writing and literature. His commentary at the Review incorporates these fields of study into relevant topics in today’s news.


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