Thank you, Cade McNamara

Cade McNamara deserves nothing but the utmost respect from University of Michigan football fans. The few, but clearly audible, “boos” that erupted within the student section when he graced the field for the September 10th game against Hawaii  were absolutely uncalled for. Frankly, they were shameful.  Cade McNamara joined  Michigan football in 2019 as one […]

Only Room for One Blue and Yellow Team

Why Michigan Football Should Oppose the Addition of UCLA and USC to the Big Ten On the surface, the University of California – Los Angeles and the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor have a lot in common. Blue and yellow are each school’s primary colors, each boast an undergraduate population of about 30,000 students, […]

Taxation Without Representation: A Bad Solution to Collegiate Athletics

A month ago, the NCAA announced it would set up a committee to help create solutions that would potentially allow student-athletes to profit off of their own names, images, and likenesses. The decision has sparked plenty of conversation and debate, particularly from the right. Among those who inserted themselves into the debate was U.S. Senator […]