The Abandonment of Walkable Cities and the Rise of Urban Sprawl: Why Walkable Cities Should Be The Model For Future Development

The United States has an abundance of unique and vibrant cities, including the iconic skylines of Chicago and New York City. As large chunks of the population have moved towards urban centers, many U.S. cities have seen significant expansion away from the city center, thus developing the phenomenon of sprawling suburbs.  At least initially, many […]

The Ann Arbor Student Housing Affordability Crisis: How Serious It’s Become, and How It Can Be Solved

There is no question that Ann Arbor is a generally thriving city with countless positive attributes – a thriving social scene, gorgeous parks and landscaping, and a strong economy anchored by one of the most prestigious public universities in the United States. Unfortunately, like all cities, Ann Arbor also has several significant flaws behind its […]

No Safety Net: Underground Railroad Game

This is the first installment of the Michigan Review’s coverage of No Safety Net — a series of provocative theatre performances hosted by the University Musical Society drawing diverse communities together to discuss and re-examine social issues. Underground Railroad Game, hosted by UMS and recipient of glowing praise from both The New York Times and […]

Do You Hear the People Scream?

Do you hear it?  The sounds of disgruntled masses, yearning for their voices to be heard?  A campus rocked to its core by divisiveness and violence? With the fall semester comes the return of politically-charged protests on campus.  In my years here, protests have become yet another part of everyday life in Ann Arbor.  However, […]