The Trump Train Comes to Town

On the same day that Barack Obama was campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Ann Arbor, a “Trump Train,” a caravan with loudspeakers, a float and plenty of American flags rolled by.

(Video produced by Sara Otto.)

In Ann Arbor, which is expected to overwhelmingly support Clinton and other Democrats in tomorrow’s election, most students seemed surprised to see such a showing for Trump and the caravan itself was often greeted with laughter.

Other passersby were simply enjoying the frenzy of political activity that has been present on campus since the beginning of the semester. Several students commented that they loved the excitement and were eager to cast their ballots tomorrow and, although they didn’t support Trump, found the caravan amusing.


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About Erin Dunne

Erin Dunne is a senior studying History, French and International Studies. In her free time she is a drug policy reform advocate and a free speech enthusiast. You can reach her by email at