Take a Seat, President Schlissel

Atop the Fleming Administration Building, tucked neatly away from the raucous protests and controversies of campus life, hides President Mark Schlissel.  A reputation marred by anti-Trump rhetoric and yet another email scandal from a public official, I imagine the thought of returning to Brown has crossed his mind a few times. Who can blame him? […]

What Happened: A Review

After reading What Happened, I gained a far better understanding of Hillary Clinton . What Happened, Clinton’s latest book release,  details her account of the events surrounding her monumental upset in the 2016 Presidential Election. There are some striking differences between the Hillary Clinton presented in the book versus the way she presents herself in […]

Loose Cannons Come in Orange

In one of the most shocking and dramatic turns of the Trump Administration, last week, in an extremely encouraging step toward bipartisanship, President Trump made a surprise deal with Democratic House and Senate Minority Leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to help raise the debt ceiling.  Further, now it appears they are all working together […]

A Worthless Investigation

Since before the November presidential election, the mainstream media has made it their mission to slander the president in every way possible, utilizing increasingly fallacious arguments toward the ultimate goal of impeachment. Following the New York Times’ initial claim that Trump colluded with Russia to win the election, other news sources have climbed onto this […]

Where Has Morality Gone?

In today’s 24-hour news media, politics has evolved from an annual to a daily endeavor, resulting in a massively polarized political society. As a result, it is easy to lose touch with inner morality; openly despising opposing political ideologies seems to be the most salient action in the United States. Whether it is an anti-free speech […]

The Trump Effect

Although some may claim otherwise, President Donald Trump has been working hard to fix an economy in desperate need of a spark of growth. Since the November presidential election, the economy has been on fire; there are several objective indicators that prove the economy is finally on a far more significant upswing than it ever […]

How Should Trump Address Syria?

In the evening of Thursday, April 6 (early Friday morning in local time), the United States fired 59 cruise missiles at Syria’s Al Shayrat airfield in retaliation against the chemical strikes on Syrian people by Assad regime. Many people commended this move, from neocon hawks to “peace and love” millennials —before they retake their typical […]

Trump and his Twitter Adversaries

President Trump has been in office for more than 100 days now and each day he has dominated news coverage; some left-wing ideologies would rather see our President impeached than see the United States of America prosper. Many of these media-assailants are on Twitter, waiting around the clock for Trump to tweet something, just to try […]