Thank You

Today is my last day as the Editor-in-Chief for The Michigan Review. In order to ease the transition into the new leadership team, I am giving up the position and will be acting in an advisory role during the winter semester. Executive Editor Lindsay Keiser and Editorial Editor Charles Hilu will be taking over in […]

Get Off Facebook

Particularly during election season, college students find themselves bored in class, scrolling through Facebook, and sharing various videos and articles on each of the candidates and the varied, politically polarizing political happenings across the country. There’s nothing quite like finding a clever argument against the opposing side of the political spectrum and sharing it for […]

CSG Does Not Represent Us

Editor-in-Chief Deion Kathawa takes aim at the feckless institution of CSG: “[R]ather than make themselves accountable to you, the student body, in a simple interview, your elected representatives have made it abundantly clear that they find this duty to be merely optional—even though it was you who bestowed upon them their present positions and their corresponding powers. In short, they hold you in contempt.”

The Emperor’s New Clothes: My Time in Ann Arbor

It has become my project over these years to be point the finger when no one else will. I am moved and humbled that Mayor Bloomberg has commended me for this project, and I invite my peers to heed him. Especially when pseudo-science has consumed the humanities, from ‘contemporary art’ to ‘social justice’, a straight-talker is worth more than the high-minded snobs and their discourse.

Student summoned to dean’s office for ‘required Administrative Meeting’ over Facebook posts

Purdue University Northwest student Joshua Nash has been summoned to a “required Administrative Meeting” scheduled by a campus administrator to discuss Nash’s personal Facebook comments, according to a July 6 memo sent to the student. Nash, whose Twitter handle is @ConservativeJZN and whose bio declares “my pronouns are: God, Overlord, and #DangerousFaggot,” is a fan […]