The Emperor’s New Clothes: My Time in Ann Arbor

It has become my project over these years to be point the finger when no one else will. I am moved and humbled that Mayor Bloomberg has commended me for this project, and I invite my peers to heed him. Especially when pseudo-science has consumed the humanities, from ‘contemporary art’ to ‘social justice’, a straight-talker is worth more than the high-minded snobs and their discourse.

The City Upon The Hill in the New Age of the World Picture

The history of our world is no longer told the way that Traditionalist Conservatives will tell it. It is no longer told the way I did, as a rivalry between the Anglo-American and French traditions. The history of America is now told, as it ought to be, in fairness, as a history of a multitude of narratives. We are all immigrants, we learn, and no one narrative has a claim to the land. The charge is no longer to find inspiration for the Bill of Rights in the Philadelphia Constitution, as Willmoore Kendall seeks to do, but to find inspiration for the Bill of Rights in the Iroquois Constitution.