Campus Reactions: SCOTUS and Gay Marriage

Today, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that states would not be allowed to make gay marriage illegal.

Here are some Classically Liberal and Traditionalist Conservative responses on our campus to the issue. To contribute your own voice, send us a 50-300 word response: We would love to showcase the diversity of thought on our campus.

Is Morality for the Individual or the State?

The Supreme Court has finally delivered a decision about the legal status of same-sex marriage in this country. While many are celebrating in the streets and on my newsfeed, I am reminded of a chilling reality: morality is no longer reserved for the individual, but for the state.

The measure was passed under the guise of “equality”, the catch-all term used by progressives to ensure their political victories. In reality, nothing about the previous definition of marriage made gay individuals unequal in the eyes of the law. Gay men had the same rights as straight men, namely the ability to marry a woman of age.

“But marriage is only about love!” If that is the case, should not anyone who loves each other be able to marry? Two people under the age of 18? A brother and sister? Three people? It is clear then that marriage is not ONLY about love. Love is part of marriage, but so is biology. The ability to create and raise biological children is something the state, and evolution itself, has a vested interest in.

But, I digress. When did we decide to leave issues of human rights and absolute morals up to a room of nine politicians disguised as judges? Why are we letting the federal government go over and above the rights of states to define marriage as they wish? Why are we letting ANY governing body tell us about right and wrong, the eternal bonds of marriage, and human dignity? Marriage should be between you, your intended, and whatever God or lack thereof you believe in.

Wiley Falc is a senior studying mechanical engineering.

A Deviation from Natural Law

Today, I sincerely congratulate gay couples everywhere, and especially my dear old Professor Toon and his husband. The Supreme Court’s ruling today was fair according to our current practice of the law. If the government grants benefits to straight couples, it should grant benefits to gay couples. Still, America was founded on Natural Law, and our practice is a deviation from Natural Law.

The fundamental fault with our reasoning, and which Justice Scalia points out, is our illusion that the government grants liberty to people. The government upholds the liberty which we are born with, which we have been endowed by our Creator (or Nature), and which is unalienable. Real liberty means that the government should not be in the business of dictating marriage in the first place.

Omar Mahmood is a senior studying Comparative Literature and Evolutionary Anthropology

The Overwhelming Power of the Federal Government
For me, this ruling is very overwhelming. This is not because I am strongly against gay marriage or think that the ruling has compromised the institution of marriage. I am overwhelmed due to the fact that the Supreme Court can so easily tell every state what to do in regards to marriage. The framers of our constitution were clearly very worried about the possibility of our federal government becoming too powerful and anything like a monarchy. I believe that this is just another example of the ever growing federal government and I am nervous for the future.
Conor Quick is a sophomore studying Philosophy, Political Science, & Economics. 
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