CSG Candidates Ousted as Body Doubles

Last week, Central Student Government announced the election of Daniel Green and Izzy Baer to the offices of President and Vice President, respectively.  To the astonishing 23.9 percent of students who had nothing better to do and decided to vote, their MVision platform kept true to campus virtues of sexual misconduct and circle-jerking around one […]

My Israel Experience and My Michigan Legacy

I traveled to Israel over winter break with paid airfare and lodging on a ten-day college leadership program hosted by the Jewish National Fund (JNF). I found out about the JNF and their Caravan for Democracy program through a listserv email to Central Student Government Assembly representatives. This program, however, is not intended only for […]

CSG Does Not Represent Us

Editor-in-Chief Deion Kathawa takes aim at the feckless institution of CSG: “[R]ather than make themselves accountable to you, the student body, in a simple interview, your elected representatives have made it abundantly clear that they find this duty to be merely optional—even though it was you who bestowed upon them their present positions and their corresponding powers. In short, they hold you in contempt.”