VIDEO: Disgruntled Students Vandalize Review Columnist’s Apartment

Omar Mahmood, a Michigan Review columnist, reported that the doorway of his apartment had been vandalized with eggs, hot dogs, and disparaging notes on Friday night. Several of the notes, sporting interesting captions like “Everyone hates you, you violent prick!” were written on copies of Mr. Mahmood’s controversial editorial, Do the Left Thing, that subsequently […]

God Save the Union: British Patriotism Remains Strong Despite the Careerist Political Class

Cry God for Harry, England, and St. George. The people of Scotland have decided that the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is to remain a United Kingdom: with 2,001,926 votes in favor of union and 1,617,989 votes in favor of independence. Many reacted gleefully: Daniel Hannan writes in The Telegraph, “I don’t much […]