Materials Stolen at Event on Censorship

The theft, presumably by protesters, seemingly confirmed to theme of the event: the threat of liberal censorship.

David Horowitz speaking to students and community members at U of M.
David Horowitz speaking to students and community members at U of M.


On Wednesday November 30, the University of Michigan chapter of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) hosted David Horowitz for an event entitled “Progressive Censorship: The Left’s War on Your Freedom.” The event, held in the Pendleton Room of the Michigan Union, drew a sizable crowd and, unsurprisingly, a few protesters.

Prior to Horowitz taking the podium, Grant Strobl, the National Chairman of Young Americans for Freedom and the Chairman of the campus chapter, read a statement from the University of Michigan to remind the audience that while protests of invited speakers were allowed, any protesters “must not interfere unduly with the speaker’s freedom of expression.”

The protest, which consisted of a group of individuals walking out of Horowitz’s speech shortly after it began, was not disruptive. Indeed, the only reaction came from Horowitz who mocked those who had quietly left, saying “I guess that was a protest.” This earned appreciative laughter from the crowd.

Outside of the Pendleton Room, those who had “protested” milled about, seemingly at a loss for what to do. Eventually, they simply left the Michigan Union. Inside, the speech went on as planned and Horowitz gave his usual tirade against communists, Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE), liberals and numerous other groups.

When the event ended, however, the materials that YAF had left out for late arrivals to peruse, including booklets and stickers, and the email sign up list to join the chapter list serve, had been stolen. On a piece of paper left at the table in place of the stolen materials, someone had scrawled “SHIT” as an apparent message to those who had organized the event.

The theft, presumably by protesters, seemingly confirmed to theme of the event: the threat of liberal censorship. Grant Strobl told the Michigan Review, “The theft of our materials only confirms the title of our event ‘progressive censorship.’ If the left disagrees with you, they will silence you.”

The materials have yet to be returned and Strobl has filed a police report. He says, “All we want is our sign up list, literature, Ronald Reagan calendars, and free speech stickers back.”

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About Erin Dunne

Erin Dunne is a senior studying History, French and International Studies. In her free time she is a drug policy reform advocate and a free speech enthusiast. You can reach her by email at
  • flyr

    It is critical that the FBI accelerate an investigation of the violent “protestors” and attackers.

    In Sacramento, DC, Seattle, Berkley and other cities the “protestors” have committed hundreds of serious felonies. More worrisome is that they are obviously trained to operate at teams, carefully equipped to inflict damage and injury and remorseless in their attacks.

    The Berkley video showed many carrying baseball bats very heavy wood sticks with posters – probably 3×3, crowbars, martial arts sticks , firebombs , large rocks and clubs. Sadly the liberal state governors and mayors have done nothing but encourage the anarchists who become more emboldened every day. The cowardice of the state and city officials has created a vacuum into which either the federal authorities or citizens taking responsibility for their own defense and defense of their families will flow. The anarchists probably want this, another Kent State event which makes them look good. Yet in each case suporters or cowards at the Governor and Mayor level have refused to act to protect the law abiding citizens.

    Why is this happening now. Because the voters stopped the liberal train trying to drag democracy off the cliff. As long as Obama was moving to the left things were ok.

    The scene in Berkley with innocent women and men clubbed from behind and left unconscious and bleeding in the street with no police intervention should be a clear sign to every American who treasures their freedom that the nation is at great risk.

  • Bless you, Sarah Cohen

  • Stanley

    Sarah, you are such a smart and tough girl. You certainly know who you are.

  • Sarah Cohen

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    Free Speech

  • 挺好的,祝你快乐

  • 我只是来看一看,好久没来了~