U of M Freshman Dorm Sends Message to Ohio State


Michigan students have a message for Ohio State University: “Fuck OSU.” The three story tall message, spelled out in lit up windows, appeared late on Monday night on the street facing side of Mary Markley Residence Hall, a freshman dorm.

The coordinated effort by the residents involved working with all of the rooms facing the street to either turn on or off their lights at a specified time. Eventually, as seen in the picture, the freshmen were successful.

As the image made rounds on the internet throughout the day on Wednesday, Michigan fans seemed to be thrilled by the Markley residents’ handiwork. On Twitter, @BarstoolUofM tweeted out an early image and was rewarded with hundreds of loves and retweets. The images received similar treatment on Reddit.

This was not the first time that Markley residents have used their windows to express their distaste for longtime rival the Ohio State Buckeyes. In 1977, Markley Residents pulled off the stunt for the first time and have been widely remembered for their work. The current residents were clearly inspired by their predecessors, as their use of windows is nearly identical to the version that appeared almost forty years ago.  

Campus excitement around the upcoming football game, hosted in Columbus over Thanksgiving break, is understandable. Michigan fans, for the first time in the memory of many current students, have had a season to be proud of and are expected to win against Ohio State.

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About Erin Dunne

Erin Dunne is a senior studying History, French and International Studies. In her free time she is a drug policy reform advocate and a free speech enthusiast. You can reach her by email at eedunne@umich.edu
  • Rich Kreps

    and yeah we dig ditches but just to bury wolverines

  • Rich Kreps

    Yeah but we are usually too busy beating you guys we get tired

  • Rich Kreps

    Aww poor little guys hey maybe next year

  • Rich Kreps

    How cute maybe you clever little guys can get a good football team one of these years and actually compete with us

  • Michael Reynolds

    OSU could pull off a stunt like this too, if they only knew how to spell. Oh well, the world needs ditch diggers too. —- Caddyshack

  • Roscoe

    Where are the crying rooms set up? Whiny ass punks like this act tough until they get bitch slapped then the crying begins. Go to to your university provided safe spaces if you can find one, otherwise shut up!