The GEO Strike: Interviews from the Picket Line

On a rain-drenched Tuesday morning early on in the 2020-2021 school year, the Graduate Employees’ Organization (GEO) began their first strike since 1975. Forming picket lines outside the Union and on the Diag, graduate students protested the university’s response to the pandemic. In addition, GEO advocated for separate anti-policing demands. Seeking to gain more perspective, […]

Not a Hero, But a Human

As I wandered through the Student Activities Building, I struggled to find Philip Larson. Tucked away in the Office of New Student Programs, Larson’s office was filled with posters and flyers of various programs that represented every branch of the military.  It was fitting for the Director of the Veterans and Military Services Program at […]

Squirrelly Business

There are a few constants in my life as a student at the University of Michigan. Besides the uneventful constant stress from courses and walking the same paths to class every day, there happens to be one thing that makes walks to class enjoyable: campus squirrels. Fluffy and curious creatures, the squirrels never cease to […]