On the Path to Normalcy: Making the Right Call to Begin Term in Person

Like Santa Claus, President Schlissel delivered for students at the University of Michigan after a series of dueling petitions surfaced debating whether or not to move class online for the first two weeks due to “coronavirus concerns.”  Schlissel declared that the University will stick with its plans for in-person learning, siding with over 700 students […]

The Michigan Daily Is Right To Criticize TikTok Consumerism, And Conservatives Should Listen

With the explosion of online social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat, there has been a near-parallel explosion in online mass consumerism. When Facebook saw an explosion in popularity, the social media platform implemented “Facebook Marketplace,” which served as a significant digital marketplace where consumers would have the opportunity to splurge on relatively […]

University of Michigan’s New Central Student Government Administration Takes Office Despite Unsuccessful Legal Challenge

The University of Michigan recently held its Winter 2024 elections for Central Student Government (CSG). Despite a relatively low turnout compared to recent CSG election cycles, the Winter 2024 cycle was marked by considerable grassroots activism amidst heightened division on campus.  Seven CSG parties filed to run in the Winter 2024 cycle, including five registered […]