Brown and Garner: the Fallout and the Fix

As a result of the regrettable and tragic deaths of both 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO and father-of-six Eric Garner in New York, protests and demonstrations—as well as looting and “die-ins” (demonstrations in which people lie down as if dead)—have sprung up with an almost feverish obsession, presumably to make known our collective disgust with “the system,” our angst …

Deion KathawaBrown and Garner: the Fallout and the Fix

Rediscovering the Meaning of Diversity

In light of the recent media coverage that has surrounded the University, now is the perfect time to bring up the issue that exists within the fight for equality, freedom of expression, speech, and religion, and diversity. Using the example of the satirical column written by a conservative student at the University of Michigan, it is clear that those who …

Grace BrangRediscovering the Meaning of Diversity
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Die-In Demonstration: Style over Substance, Divided by Race

A couple hundred University of Michigan students staged a “die-in” protest Wednesday afternoon, laying down on the diag for approximately an hour, impeding other students trying to get to and from class on the final day of classes. The protest was in response to the highly publicized police incidents of the last few months, including those of Michael Brown in …

Hunter SwoggerDie-In Demonstration: Style over Substance, Divided by Race

VIDEO: Disgruntled Students Vandalize Review Columnist’s Apartment

Omar Mahmood, a Michigan Review columnist, reported that the doorway of his apartment had been vandalized with eggs, hot dogs, and disparaging notes on Friday night. Several of the notes, sporting interesting captions like “Everyone hates you, you violent prick!” were written on copies of Mr. Mahmood’s controversial editorial, Do the Left Thing, that subsequently resulted in Mahmood’s suspension from …

Michigan ReviewVIDEO: Disgruntled Students Vandalize Review Columnist’s Apartment

Michigan Athletics Under President Schlissel

It has been an unpredictably chaotic first semester for newly elected U-M President Mark Schlissel.  His initial goal of improving the academic allure of the University has seemingly been sidelined by the conundrum surrounding the crumbling athletic department, including the recent resignation of athletic director Dave Brandon.  Michigan Athletics seems to be in a rough spot, and fingers have been …

Michigan ReviewMichigan Athletics Under President Schlissel
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EDITORIAL: Doing the Right Thing?

Recently, the Michigan Daily suspended for a week, Omar Mahmood, a longtime contributor to the Daily and a writer for the Michigan Review. A student complained about being made to feel “uncomfortable” due to Mahmood’s recent satirical piece for the Review, “Do the Left Thing.” It discusses the micro-aggressions that the small left-handed student minority faces at the University of …

Michigan Review StaffEDITORIAL: Doing the Right Thing?
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UM Math Textbooks to Have Trigger Warning Labels

After repeated student protests and online petitions, the University of Michigan is to issue beginning in the 2015 Winter Term, trigger warnings on any mathematic textbooks that include mentions of Euclidean geometry, due to the math’s historic exclusion of non-straight lines. One student protest group, the Students Triggered by Euclidean Math (STEM), wrote on their Facebook page, “For too long, …

Ryan ShinkelUM Math Textbooks to Have Trigger Warning Labels
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Michigan Football Recap

It was a tough season for all involved in the Michigan football family in 2014. In a season that saw the athletic director resign, a full-scale national media crisis, and a player arrested on charges of domestic violence combined with uninspiring play on the field, one thing about the offseason is for sure; changes will be coming. These changes will …

Steve LampertMichigan Football Recap

Yik Yak Threats and Social Responsibility Questions

Yik Yak, an anonymous social media service that groups users together based solely on geographic location, is marketed as a network that “levels the playing field and gives everyone an equal voice.” By allowing users to post anonymous statements, and allowing other users to upvote or downvote these statements, “”the quietest kid in the class can be the funniest and …

Jonathan RosenhanYik Yak Threats and Social Responsibility Questions
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Inclusive Language Campaign Stifles Academic Growth

Donna Shalala, current President of the University of Miami, once said that you can’t have a university without freedom of speech. And apparently this is all well and good – as long as the speech is ‘inclusive.’ The University of Michigan’s Inclusive Language Campaign (ILC) is a new, campus-wide initiative that launched this September, operating under the tagline, “Stop. Think. …

Samantha AudiaInclusive Language Campaign Stifles Academic Growth