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Harbaugh’s Staff Comes Together Quickly

Jim Harbaugh’s first order of business as the new head football coach at Michigan was to assemble a coaching staff that would rival those of other national powerhouses.

Steve LampertHarbaugh’s Staff Comes Together Quickly
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Hebdo and Progressive Hypocrisy

Does the content of the Hebdo cartoonists render their murder any less tragic? In either case, the social justice crowd should recognize the parallels and understand why many defenders of free speech and Hebdo are upset by accusations that Hebdo was “kind of asking for it.”

Hunter SwoggerHebdo and Progressive Hypocrisy
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Let’s be real about terrorism and Islam.

Muslims are not responsible for condemning terrorist acts by other Muslims, although that is beside the point. No sane person is demanding that Muslims condemn Islamist terrorism just because they are Muslim. However, there is a serious illness within Islam today, and those who deny it are wishful thinkers. Muslims would do well to accept this, because acceptance is a necessary first step toward healing.

Omar MahmoodLet’s be real about terrorism and Islam.
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Harbaugh’s Homecoming Commences Football Restoration

Jim Harbaugh is coming to Michigan. What seemed like a pipe dream to many Michigan football fans after the 42-28 loss to Ohio in late November has now turned into a reality. Students, alumni, fans, and even former players cannot contain their excitement. The talk of Harbaugh’s decision to accept the head coaching position has taken over social media and …

Steve LampertHarbaugh’s Homecoming Commences Football Restoration
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Die-In Demonstration: Style over Substance, Divided by Race

A couple hundred University of Michigan students staged a “die-in” protest Wednesday afternoon, laying down on the diag for approximately an hour, impeding other students trying to get to and from class on the final day of classes. The protest was in response to the highly publicized police incidents of the last few months, including those of Michael Brown in …

Hunter SwoggerDie-In Demonstration: Style over Substance, Divided by Race
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Do the Left Thing

TRIGGER WARNING! It was one of the coldest days of this winter past, and I was hurrying along the Diag to class. The blistering cold did not turn my eyes from all the white privilege falling around my. All those white snowflakes falling thick upon the autumn leaves, burying their colors. Majoring in womyn’s studies, I’ve learned that oppression comes …

Omar MahmoodDo the Left Thing
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The Reciprocal Virtue of Free Speech

Given the ghastly massacre in Paris recently, many issues may be raised concerning politically protected satire (whatever its quality) when the cartoon pen is shown to be less mighty to terror attacks. One issue consists of the reasons to justify extending the law to protect speech and satire—even satire that would offend and enrage to such an extent that men …

Ryan ShinkelThe Reciprocal Virtue of Free Speech
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Key Upsets Revive Michigan Hockey

Winter break was exactly what Michigan hockey needed to return to winning form. Since final exams ended, the Wolverines are 4-0, with three of their victories coming against top-ten teams. The team has played incredibly in the face of tough competition, and as Big Ten play continues, a league championship is no longer out of reach.

Jake ThorneKey Upsets Revive Michigan Hockey
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U.S. Constitution Class Cancelled Due To UM Teacher ‘Feeling Uncomfortable’

It has recently been announced that History 387, “The Making of the United States Constitution,” has been cancelled due to the teacher, assistant professor Dexter Perkins, having reported that he found the course material ‘offensive’ and ‘not suitable for teaching.’

Ryan ShinkelU.S. Constitution Class Cancelled Due To UM Teacher ‘Feeling Uncomfortable’
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Fiscal Conservatives Should Support Conjugal Civil Marriage

by Ryan Shinkel Here I argue that marriage can only in principle consist in a relationship with sexual complementarity, and that prudent public policy should not let the state fundamentally alter an institution originating in generational renewal to one of mere state contracts of companionship. Many contemporaries believe marriage is only a romantic relationship between two people involving romance, domestic …

Ryan ShinkelFiscal Conservatives Should Support Conjugal Civil Marriage
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Fiscal Conservatives Should Support Marriage Equality

Which brings us to marriage, which, at the most fundamental level, is simply a contract between two individuals. No two people, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, should be prohibited from voluntarily agreeing to a contract. The government’s interference in this case manifests itself in the form of the tax benefits married couples receive that two people in a non-marital relationship do not receive.

Hunter SwoggerFiscal Conservatives Should Support Marriage Equality