On UM’s New Alcohol Policy

Is Michigan’s new plan to reduce alcohol harm on campus potentially dangerous for first-year students?  I am afraid it might be.  The University’s new plan includes a pilot program that would, “Notify parents of first-year students when a student under the age of 21 has had a second alcohol or drug violation or when a […]

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What The Bachelor Got Right

My friends know me to be an outspoken super-fan of the Bachelor franchise. I’ve been told that it’s worth watching the weekly episodes just to understand my Twitter diatribes, and upon my return to campus last week my roommate asked me how Bachelor in Paradise was developing this season “because I know that’s a really […]

Country Club Anarchist


George Reisman: Defender of Capitalism | A Reading List

Today we look at a regretfully unknown figure in economics to “millennial libertarians,” George Reisman. I write “regretfully,” because Resiman is an absolute giant. Taught directly under Ludwig von Mises and Ayn Rand at various points in his life, Reisman developed an interest in the constitution at the age of 5, and began his study of […]

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The Victims of Daesh: Its Fighters and Hostages

Jihadi John is the moniker of one of the most notorious members of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. He appears in videos that involve the beheading of foreign hostages such as James Foley, Steven Sotloff and Kenji Goto. One of his most striking features does not lie in his external appearance of wearing […]


From One Direction to ISIS: The Zayn Malik Story

In an unprecedented move earlier in the week, teenage heartthrob Zayn Malik decided to leave the boy band One Direction. The Michigan Review can now officially confirm rumors that Malik has indeed joined ISIS.

SAFE Unveils #UMMolest

Last night, the BDS resolution proposed by Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE) failed to pass Central Student Government for the second year in a row. The proposal petitioned the University to boycott, divest from, and sanction (BDS) companies involved in commercial affairs with Israel. After a long-fought #UMDivest campaign that resulted in 25 […]