Trump and his Twitter Adversaries

President Trump has been in office for more than 100 days now and each day he has dominated news coverage; some left-wing ideologies would rather see our President impeached than see the United States of America prosper. Many of these media-assailants are on Twitter, waiting around the clock for Trump to tweet something, just to try and fabricate something evil out of a simple 140-character tweet. These verified twitter accounts—as if Trump has the time to read all his replies—act like little children and bash our president constantly, even on tweets that many believe it wouldn’t be possible to attack him on  For example, when he tweeted a video of remarks he made at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, people still found a way to attack him, even accusing him of anti-Semitic hate crimes.

The replies to his tweets are no less than an assault on Trump. It’s as if these people haven’t let go of an election that happened almost six months ago. Those who voted for Hillary Clinton carried the slogan “love trumps hate”, but Democrats incessantly hate on Trump. Those who try and defend him are often drowned out by those who tweet hate to the President. I don’t believe there is anything Trump could say that would be well-received by these assailants. These individuals choose to ignore that Trump is 70 years old and tasked with rebuilding the country, and therefore has more important priorities than to respond to petty tweets.

Furthermore, Trump has been subject to complete slander through mainstream news outlets’ Twitter accounts, like when the White House hosted the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. The New York Times tweeted two photos referencing the annual congratulatory White House visit for the Super Bowl Champions, one for Obama in 2015, and the other for Trump in 2017. The two photographs were drastically different, apparently showcasing that more people were in attendance with Obama, making Trump’s event look as though no one showed up for the festivities. Later that night, the official New England Patriots Twitter account noted that the “photos lack context”; in the 2015 photograph, the staff were located on the stairs, but in 2017 the staff sat on the South Lawn of the White House. From this, it became apparent to many people that some news outlets have purposely tried to slander the President in order to sway popular opinion away from supporting him.

To repay the “kindness” the media has shown for Trump and to thank all of his voters, he decided to hold a rally in Pennsylvania instead of going to the White House Correspondents Dinner. At the dinner, Bob Woodward, an associate editor at the Washington Post, said “Polling numbers show that most Americans disapprove of and distrust the media”, and when Trump brought up the dishonest media at the rally, the disapproval was certainly heard. Trump told the rally attendees that he not only “could not possibly be more thrilled” to be away from those at the dinner, but also to hold the rally for those who supported him in the election.

After the election, Democrats have not only become hateful and childish by tweeting at the president, but also have misguided the average American. Consequently, a meager six percent of Americans are strongly confident in the mainstream media, and the immature Democrats are to blame.

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