An Interview with Derek Magill | Praxis Digital Strategist and 2015 Michigan SFL Speaker

Here’s an inconvenient truth: college degrees don’t mean as much as they used to. More and more, young people are pursuing faster, cheaper alternatives. Former UM student Derek Magill, Director of Digital Strategy at Praxis and speaker at the 2015 Michigan Students for Liberty Regional conference, is doing just that. About a year and half ago, Derek, frustrated […]

The UM Dropout Whose Startup Wants to Get You Your Dream Job Without a College Degree

Alternatives to higher education have been getting more and more coverage recently, and with good reason. The average college student who graduated in 2015 has roughly $35,000 in debt, the amount of learning students are actually gaining during their four years is dubious, and companies are increasingly looking for skills and experiences that the average person doesn’t […]

George Reisman: Defender of Capitalism | A Reading List

Today we look at a regretfully unknown figure in economics to “millennial libertarians,” George Reisman. I write “regretfully,” because Resiman is an absolute giant. Taught directly under Ludwig von Mises and Ayn Rand at various points in his life, Reisman developed an interest in the constitution at the age of 5, and began his study of […]

A Summer and Fall Semester Reading List for Free Thinkers

Here’s a controversial opinion: the “Michigan Difference” is little more than a collectively reinforced illusion — a clever bait and switch. The simple fact is that most of you are not getting the education you’re paying for. Your ideas won’t be seriously challenged, your world views won’t be shaken and you will leave college no better […]

Guilty Middle Class Wolverines Out To Prove They Aren’t Racist By Passing Resolution For Students of Certain Ethnicities

Barely a week after the Central Student Government decided to back the Black Student Union and it’s demands for a university-wide war against racism – or what the BSU and the Coleman administration have defined to be racism – a CSG assembly of bumptious, would-be-politicians, passed a resolution which addresses minority enrollment, the creation of a scholarship for […]