[PHOTO] Private Hillary Email

Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account to conduct matters involving classified information and private correspondences during her tenure as Secretary of State has drawn the ire of many Americans. An initial report from the New York Times indicated that Clinton, on the first day of her Senate Confirmation hearing, arranged to set up an email […]

What is SAFE?

Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE) is an organization at the University of Michigan whose mission statement is to “advance the causes of freedom, justice, human rights and equality for all peoples” with a focus on Palestinian rights. Yet the group has ignored the most heinous crimes against humanity, especially those against Palestinians. Recently, […]

In Response to the Daily: When Divisiveness Masquerades as Social Justice

This past Sunday, Rennie Pasquinelli authored an article, featured in the Michigan Daily, in which she accused “the system” of preferentially privileging Caucasians over other ethnic groups. She listed 20 observations that she asserted supported the conclusion that our university and our country engage in systematic discrimination against minorities.  The observations are probative only of […]

Federal Courts now Focused on Allegations of Corruption at IRS

In March of 2010, it was discovered that the IRS was subjecting certain organizations applying for tax-exempt status to heightened scrutiny if their ideologies were not consistent with those of the Obama administration. Several months ago, the IRS disclosed that – well after complaints about discriminatory treatment had been lodged and Congressional investigations had been […]

The Crisis of the United Nations Human Rights Council

The United Nations has been the target of harsh criticism for electing corrupt governments to its human rights council. One such member government is Turkey, which currently censors the Internet, mistreats protestors, and refuses to investigate its political killings of the indigenous Kurdish population, not to mention its failure even to acknowledge the well-documented genocide […]