How Should Trump Address Syria?

In the evening of Thursday, April 6 (early Friday morning in local time), the United States fired 59 cruise missiles at Syria’s Al Shayrat airfield in retaliation against the chemical strikes on Syrian people by Assad regime. Many people commended this move, from neocon hawks to “peace and love” millennials —before they retake their typical […]

Taiwan: Passing Through the Crossroads (II)

The Growing DPP & The Rising Fresh Bloods Along with other controversies and scandals, like Kuomintang’s “party assets” inherited from the authoritarian era, corrupt officials, bribery elections, Vice Presidential nominee Wang Ju-hsuan’s improper properties, Kuomintang’s betrayal of Taiwan cost them another landslide failure in January 2016. Under the leadership of Tsai Ing-wen, DPP grew gradually […]

A Conversation with Jewish Conservative Leaders from Michigan

Many questioned the reason why most Jewish voters tended to support Democratic candidates. David Littmann talked about the tradition of progressive radicalism originating from the French revolution and the immigration history of German Ashkenazi Jews and Eastern European Jews since the 19th Century. “They fled from Tsars and they wanted security.” On March 16 at Hutchins […]