University of Michigan Announces New President

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After months of anticipation, the University of Michigan announced its new president on January 24, 2014. Mark Schlissel, M.D., Ph.D., will serve as the 14th president of the University beginning July 1, 2014. Schlissel comes to the University of Michigan after serving as provost of Brown University from 2011 to 2014. His notable academic background includes an undergraduate degree from Princeton University, followed by a master’s and doctorate degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His career as an independent researcher, associate professor in the University of California – Berkeley’s Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, and dean of biological sciences in their College of Letters and Science demonstrates Schlissel’s strong dedication to the sciences. The University’s regents sought to choose a president with the skillset and dedication to lead the large, complex University of 19 colleges, as well as its Health System. Though Schlissel’s academic and vocational qualifications are impressive, his devotion to the position of president demonstrates his passion to lead students and faculty. When asked during the initial interview process “What are the qualities of a great president,” he replied, “You have to love and be amazed by students. You have to love and be amazed by faculty and you have to love and be amazed by research and discovery” (M Live). Schlissel demonstrates the experience, qualifications, and attitudes of an ideal president. The staff members of The Michigan Review welcome Dr. Mark Schlissel to the University of Michigan, and wish him luck during his presidential term.

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