Trump Supporters Play with Chalk

Instead of Trump slogans in pretty colors scrawled at midnight, these individuals, whoever they are, should step away from their night-time cowardice and come out during the day to preach their sound bites.


On the morning of March 30th, the University Michigan Diag was covered in unoriginal pro-Trump messages, including a trump-sized “TRUMP” incorporating the iconic block M. Donald Trump, always drawn to garish gaudiness, would have been a fan of the oversized and carefully outlined letters.

Where there is Trump, there is racism and xenophobia. The meaningless Twitter hashtag #STOPISLAM and the oft repeated “STOP THE RAPE OF EUROPE” were also printed in all caps. Not far away was “Build a wall”. These uninspired messages, written in colorful chalk, are clearly the product of individuals with nothing better to do in the middle of the night than play with elementary school art supplies. Elementary students, however, often exhibit more creativity with their chalk.

Painting the Rock was funny. Running around in the middle of the night to chalk the Diag? Sounds kinda pathetic.

More childish than the medium, however, are the messages themselves, which were clearly calculated to be provocative rather than representative of real beliefs. Indeed, the individuals that have been seen around campus sporting “Make America Great Again” hats also happen to be those contributing least to any meaningful dialogue.

At 5AM on the Diag, students were greeted by what happens when you live to seek attention and have way too much time on your hands. Photo credit Michigan Review Staff.

As students made their way across the Diag in the morning, the juvenile chalking drew attention on Yik Yak. Commenters weighed in with both amusement and scorn. Most comments, however, were dismissive, with a personal favorite and heavily up-voted: “Like the chalk on the diag, Donald Trump too will fade with time.”

Dismissal seems to be the best approach to dealing with such childish, attention-seeking antics. While of course these tasteless Trumpers have a right to express themselves, their message has been fittingly trampled underfoot throughout the day.

Omar Mahmood, Editor-in-Chief of the Michigan Review, derided the antics. “Painting the Rock was funny. Running around in the middle of the night to chalk the Diag? Sounds kinda pathetic.”

Instead of Trump slogans in pretty colors scrawled at midnight, these individuals, whoever they are, should step away from their night-time cowardice and come out during the day to preach their sound bites. Should any individuals be brave enough to step out and take ownership of these messages I would gladly help them reserve a table just so I could come out and challenge their positions in a true embrace of free and open debate.


Of course, not all Trump people are cowards, as some students, three to be exact, have organized Students for Trump. Yet even this group was quick to denounce the overnight chalking. Cody Chipman, the founder of Students for Trump, told the Michigan Review, “We were not associated with chalking overnight on the diag. Furthermore, we find that the messages left were not in line with Mr. Trump’s views. He doesn’t nor do we wish to #StopIslam.”

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About Erin Dunne

Erin Dunne is a senior studying History, French and International Studies. In her free time she is a drug policy reform advocate and a free speech enthusiast. You can reach her by email at
  • Bob

    Glad you found the time to correct your typo (less so that you didn’t bother to put a correction below the main text. We used to call that journalism, when a writer admitted his mistakes.You may find this surprising, but we even did it in humble college newspapers.) While you’re still in school, you might enroll in an Ancient Greek or Latin class. It might help you avoid mistakes of that sort in the future.

  • John (Magnum)

    I don’t think a lot of these opinions are genuinely held. They’re just a way to attract attention and stir some shit up for bored students who think they’re a lot smarter than everyone else.
    The review certainly is “interesting.” And I think most people who follow this type of thing closely have a pretty good idea as to who the specific person/people that did the chalking is/are.

  • Longtimereader

    Yes only liberals are allowed to have free speech . If they do not like your opinion you must hide and be quiet – but then they’ll call you names for hiding from their attacks . The author is an idiot and the country is going down hill with stupid views like this .

  • Adam Lee Myers

    What is wrong with the review, I find it interesting. And actually, it is highly unlikely to be people of those categories (note, few people actually are like that {especially all at once]) who did the act. Not that it really matters, people are allowed to express themselves as they will, although I am unsure what the point will be in antagonizing the liberal elite on campus (esp. the stop Islam bit, I don’t see that going very well). FYI, I am one of those people who was exited about seeing the internet celebrity Milo Yiannopoulus (who wouldn’t be?), and I am actually not entirely all that conservative (although I don’t deny the label). I think you are overgeneralizing a tad too much. I cannot wait for Mr. Shapiro, if for no other reason than to see why he is such a celeb on the right.

  • Bob

    Oh, to be so young and so full of conviction! It is a treat to read a child who thinks she is an adult. Well, once you’ve dealt with the terror of “exnophobia” [sic], hopefully you’ll let the adults do their job. Your youthful condescension notwithstanding, you should leave contempt to those who really know how to feel it. Kisses…

  • Mary Palmer

    I’m sure it was done by a Muslim to get sympathy from the media. wjr , wdtk, wwj will repeat this 1000 time next couple of days. Muslims stoped a movie American Sniper = FASCISM anti free speech. They’ll probably say I didi it now because they are anti free speech fascists

  • John (Magnum)

    I think we all know the sort of person who did this. They were super excited about Milo coming to campus, and were the first to claim that they were being silenced by protest. They probably refer to trump as “daddy.” They live to be edgy and are best at communicating their opinions in meme forum. They have no knowledge of politics or policy beyond what they read on Breitbart or 4chan. Some of them (or at least one of them) write/s for the Review.