Time to Wake Up and and Smell the Uranium

The long perpetuated myth that support for the State of Israel is a bilateral, bipartisan phenomenon in American politics has been publicly exposed once again this past week.  It all stems from the Obama administration’s pronounced objection to new sanctions against Iran that would prevent the regime from stalling further as it develops its nuclear weaponry.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and numerous other pro-Israel groups believe stronger sanctions to be crucial in preventing the tyrannical country from developing the tools it needs to make good on its promise to literally wipe the Jewish state off the map.

The administration deems House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) as having “broken protocol” by his gesture of inviting the leader of the allied nation, Netanyahu, to speak before a joint session of Congress.  This accusation oozes with hypocrisy.  Obama’s refusal to meet with this particular national leader during an election season runs in direct contrast to his own precedent.  The Commander in Chief saw no breach in protocol when he invited German Chancellor Angela Merkel or former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to the White House before their respective elections.  Perhaps the key difference here is that those European leaders espouse a more left-leaning political ideology, while Netanyahu takes a more conservative approach in that despite hailing from a country rooted from socialism, he believes in taking preventative action against governments which threaten his nation with total annihilation.

Talk is cheap. When dealing with a diabolical opponent of western values like Iran, it’s also entirely unproductive.  We have yet to see any discernible, positive results come out of the most recent round of negotiations with Iran.  In fact, the dialoguing and unfreezing of that country’s financial assets has only lead to a build up in human rights violations, pomposity displayed through outlandish statements, and time to develop its nuclear weaponry.  Reports from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) suggest that Iran could potentially enrich weapons-grade uranium in as soon as six to eight weeks.  This magnifies the urgency Netanyahu feels in dealing with this grave threat.  Aside from a Middle East nuclear arms race and the likely obliteration of the region’s sole democracy, there is no telling how much damage a nuclear weapon in the hands of a volatile, Islamic regime will do to the West.

President Obama is either grossly naïve or a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Only time will tell.  What is clear now is that Netanyahu is not America’s enemy for wanting to take every precautionary measure available to ensure the security of his people, his nation, and western democracy.  He appears more concerned with protecting American values than the American president. Obama administration officials need to stop calling the Israeli Prime Minister “chicken shit,” stop threatening that “there will be a price to pay” for Netanyahu’s actions, and begin to embrace his mission which is congruous with American tenets and interests.  It is time that this president take a realistic look out the window and recognize that there is unequivocal evil in this world.  It is time to take a stand against radical Islam not only in the case of Iran but in other geopolitical arenas as well.  It is time do something about the horrific beheadings of hostages committed by ISIS, the mass killings by the Assad regime of its own people in Syria, the endless terrorist attacks committed by extremists across the globe, and the actions of radical Islam at large.

The time to wake up is now.  Tomorrow just might be too late.

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