Take a Seat, President Schlissel

Atop the Fleming Administration Building, tucked neatly away from the raucous protests and controversies of campus life, hides President Mark Schlissel.  A reputation marred by anti-Trump rhetoric and yet another email scandal from a public official, I imagine the thought of returning to Brown has crossed his mind a few times. Who can blame him? […]

Should We Stand for the National Anthem?

In light of recent comments from President Trump regarding National Football League (NFL) players kneeling during the national anthem, owners, coaches and players alike have come out to voice their opinion on the subject. Von Miller, a linebacker for the Denver Broncos expressed that Trump’s speech was “an assault on freedom of speech”. Mike Tomlin, […]

Trump and his Twitter Adversaries

President Trump has been in office for more than 100 days now and each day he has dominated news coverage; some left-wing ideologies would rather see our President impeached than see the United States of America prosper. Many of these media-assailants are on Twitter, waiting around the clock for Trump to tweet something, just to try […]

Weekend of Intense Protest in D.C.

One of the largest protests in American history occurred just one day following President Trump’s inauguration. Activists gathered across the nation in cities including New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, and Ann Arbor to protest  Donald Trump’s purported political positions.  These, among others, include cutting public funding for organizations that perform abortions like Planned Parenthood, […]