2016 in Review: Another Blown Call

For many, 2016 was simply a year to forget.  Riddled with the passing of iconic celebrities, continued tensions in the Middle East, and, of course, the election of business magnate and always-controversial Donald Trump, this year has done more to dishearten and divide the American public since “Dressgate”. However, if sports are your passion, 2016 […]

The Athletic Department Gets it Right with the New Football Student Seating Policy

Central Student Government and the athletic department have put together a new football student seating system beginning next season that should solve many of the problems regarding student attendance at home football games. The package addresses the incentives to not only attend the games but also to arrive early, while accommodating students’ most pressing desire: […]

Michigan’s New Big Time Football Hire Restores the Energy Around the Program after a Disappointing 2013

On Thursday January 9th, only a day after the announcement that offensive coordinator Al Borges would not be returning in 2014, Michigan announced the hiring of their new offensive coordinator, Doug Nussmeier. The move was quite a surprise and the speed at which it was executed was quite impressive for a program that has struggled […]