Abortion Debate Series: Round Two

Should the United States government (federally or through states and territories) restrict (totally or partially) a woman’s right to an abortion? This article is the second round in a debate series on the topic of abortion by authors Deion Kathawa and Andrew Beddow.  Read the original arguments here. Deontology is more in Keeping with a Regime of Illegal—not […]

Abortion and Body Autonomy: President of U of M Students for Life President Discusses

Operating under the assumption that a human fetus does have personhood, Rachel broke down four primary arguments surrounding the issue of a woman’s control over her own body in terms of her right to an abortion On October 8th, Rachel Crawford, a biopsychology and cognitive neuroscience major and president of the U of M Students […]

Mud Bowl Delivers

Swarms of fans packed into the scenic backyard at the corner of South University and Washtenaw Avenue on Saturday morning to witness the 82nd and perhaps most tensely anticipated edition of the Mud Bowl. The host squad, The Flying Eagles, soared to a hard-fought victory in the annual mud-soaked touch football match, as serene conditions and […]