Federal Courts now Focused on Allegations of Corruption at IRS

In March of 2010, it was discovered that the IRS was subjecting certain organizations applying for tax-exempt status to heightened scrutiny if their ideologies were not consistent with those of the Obama administration. Several months ago, the IRS disclosed that – well after complaints about discriminatory treatment had been lodged and Congressional investigations had been […]

God Save the Union: British Patriotism Remains Strong Despite the Careerist Political Class

Cry God for Harry, England, and St. George. The people of Scotland have decided that the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is to remain a United Kingdom: with 2,001,926 votes in favor of union and 1,617,989 votes in favor of independence. Many reacted gleefully: Daniel Hannan writes in The Telegraph, “I don’t much […]

The Crisis of the United Nations Human Rights Council

The United Nations has been the target of harsh criticism for electing corrupt governments to its human rights council. One such member government is Turkey, which currently censors the Internet, mistreats protestors, and refuses to investigate its political killings of the indigenous Kurdish population, not to mention its failure even to acknowledge the well-documented genocide […]


The former Michigan governor whose leadership oversaw a severe economic downturn, skyrocketing unemployment, Detroit’s emerging bankruptcy, and the meltdown of the automotive industry, is now aprofessor specializing in job growth. This fall, Michigan’s former Democratic Gov. Jennifer Mulhern Granholm is teaching a graduate course focused on “creating jobs through better government policies,” the class description […]