In Response to the Daily: When Divisiveness Masquerades as Social Justice

This past Sunday, Rennie Pasquinelli authored an article, featured in the Michigan Daily, in which she accused “the system” of preferentially privileging Caucasians over other ethnic groups. She listed 20 observations that she asserted supported the conclusion that our university and our country engage in systematic discrimination against minorities.  The observations are probative only of […]

The War on Women?

Joni Ernst. Shelley Moore Capito. Mia Love. Elise Stefanik. They’re all victors of Tuesday’s midterm elections. They’re all women.  Oh – and they’re all Republicans. For those of us who knew the ‘War on Women’ was a manipulative election gimmick from day one, these victories are unsurprising. However, one can assume that liberals who banked […]