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We here at the Review are humbly asking for material support—from you, our loyal readers—so that we can continue to provide the University of Michigan campus—and the wider world, where the two intersect—with quality writing that informs and illuminates issues from a perspective and with a voice seldom heard on America’s college campuses. The ability of the Review to continue providing this service to our readership—as well as being a force for change and growth—is of vital importance to the overall health of our campus climate.

It is no secret that tyranny flourishes in the absence of the competing voices of parties with varying interests jockeying to make themselves heard and their respective presences felt. Without the Review providing a much needed check on campus thought, what we are left with is a monologue—not a dialogue—and we have thus lost the much greater war: for healthy discussion and an open exchange of ideas. Imagine, if you would, how much worse the fallout from Rolling Stone’s now-falsified UVA rape scandal story would have been had there been no ability—no outlet at all—for detractors to air their grievances and to eventually expose the truth of the matter. This is the role that the Review aims to perform, albeit on a smaller scale (though certainly not any less of an important role).

So please, help us with a donation so that we can continue to provide solid coverage and analysis of the various issues and ideas floated around on campus in the wider world, the press, anywhere. The integrity of our campus greatly depends on it.

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