Donate Blood, Save Three Lives, and Beat OSU!

The Michigan vs. Ohio State Blood Battle is an annual event that pits two bitter rivals against one other in an effort to see which school can donate more blood. Since beginning in 1982, The Blood Battle has grown into one of the largest blood competitions in the country with more than 2,500 donations given on each campus alone. Since 1982, Michigan has a record of 19-12-1, and 2013’s final score was UM-2575, OSU-2270. If our on-field efforts continue to slump, at least we can continue our winning ways this November in the Blood Battle!

This year’s Blood Battle, which runs from November 3­­­­rd through the 26th, is particularly important. Through the summer, the Red Cross saw very low blood and platelet donation levels, so the Red Cross has since put through an emergency request for blood and platelet donations. Donors of all blood types are welcome, but types O, A negative and B negative are particularly in demand. Donating is a very rewarding experience, as you can save up to three lives every time you donate.

I’ve always admired how the Michigan vs. Ohio State Blood Battle uses an intense rivalry to drive philanthropy by promoting the rivalry itself. It’s a fantastic way to incentive participation – we don’t want to lose to them, and they don’t want to lose to us! The success of the Blood Battle is a testament to this, and it works to show how powerful a strong collection of fans can be when they work to make their unity transcend a sport.

This year’s Blood Battle runs from November 1st through the 26th. In order to sign-up, first check your eligibility and then check The Blood Battle schedule.

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