Cities Are Prioritizing Illegal Migrants Over Citizens, and Ann Arbor Could Soon Be One of Them

New York City is often seen as the “flagship city” of the United States. It is one of the most iconic cities in the world, attracting visitors from all over the country and world. Unfortunately, New York City has rapidly declined within the last five to 10 years. From spikes in violent crime to a ridiculously high cost of living that makes it nearly impossible to find an affordable home in which to raise a family, New York City has quickly become a dilapidated shell of its former self.

Today, New York is facing a massive illegal immigration crisis. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have flooded the streets of New York City, resulting in increased crime and disorder. One would think that elected officials would recognize this crisis, prioritize citizens over illegal aliens, and remove criminal migrants from the city and, hopefully, the country. Unfortunately, that is far from the case.

Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, saw the onset of the migration crisis as a political opportunity to show his commitment to current left-wing values. He immediately suggested that, instead of removing these migrants from the city’s streets, citizens of New York City should house these illegal migrants in their own homes. Eric Adams also stated that he would provide citizens with a financial reward if they choose to house these migrants.

If this plan were to be implemented, New York City would be spending large amounts of money on an operation that violates the most fundamental aspect of a nation — that we have clearly defined borders and a rule of law that ensures individuals within our borders abide by the laws of our nation.

The atrocious response to this tragic illegal migrant situation in New York City is certainly a major aspect of this crisis, but it’s also important to recognize just how the city got itself into this catastrophic situation. To begin, mass illegal immigration has soared due to President Biden’s total incompetence in handling the southern border crisis. This has led to immense chaos in cities that are left to deal with the consequences of this border policy, such as border cities like El Paso and Brownsville.

Elected officials of these border states have consistently called upon President Biden to secure the border, but President Biden has blatantly ignored these concerns, and Democratic officials such as Mayor Eric Adams have consistently supported illegal immigration and open borders. Most important, however, is the fact that New York City is a self-described, “sanctuary city,” meaning that New York City intentionally invites illegal immigrants to live in their city and refuses to work with federal officials to deport criminal migrants. This means that, for years, New York City elected officials have invited the chaos that they are currently dealing with, and when governors of border states send criminal migrants to places like New York City, democrats and elected officials who complain should promptly recognize that they, up until that point, consistently stated that they would “welcome” these criminals.

Though Ann Arbor has not officially declared itself as a sanctuary city, the city council has passed ordinances instructing the police to no longer cooperate with the law by ignoring the immigration status of those they apprehend. This comes as Ann Arbor’s Washtenaw County continues to see an increase in criminal migrants.

In fact, Washtenaw County has gone so far as to use taxpayer dollars to state that all migrants, legal or illegal, are welcome in the county, effectively declaring themselves a “sanctuary county.” These actions make it very clear that Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County are following the exact same template as New York City, and coupled with the rise in criminal migrants in the county, this is incredibly concerning.

Mass migration, both legal and illegal, is completely out of control in the United States. The results have been catastrophic for cities that have chosen to support these “sanctuary” policies, and Ann Arbor looks to be heading down that path. It is crucial that we increase pressure on our elected officials to remove these criminal migrants from Ann Arbor before we experience similar catastrophes like what’s occurring in New York City.

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About Wade Vellky

Wade Vellky, the deputy editor of the Michigan Review, is a sophomore in LSA. Originally from Orange Township, Ohio, he previously attended the University of Wisconsin and Ohio State University.