The Top Five Christmas Movies of All Time

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, Christmas movies are arguably some of the most nostalgic and hilarious movies that are broadcasted each year. Santa Claus, elves, the sharing of gifts and kissing under the mistletoe are all some of the best elements of Christmas movies we know today. So, what are the “Top 5” Christmas movies?


Five. This movie, first released in 1990, is one of the funniest movies many of us have seen in our childhood. It all begins with a power outage, forgetful family and a kid named Kevin being left behind while the family flies to Paris for Christmas vacation. Kevin is faced with several challenges as two burglars try to break into Kevin’s house while he is Home Alone. The schemes and traps Kevin sets not only make us laugh and cry, but also makes us wonder if the two criminals are simply oblivious, or if Kevin is a mastermind at setting numerous traps for these unfortunate thieves. One of the most keen memories I have is laughing hysterically when one of the burglars is hit square in the face by a falling clothing iron; it just never gets old. Home Alone is my pick for number five.


Four. On Christmas Eve, John is an NYPD detective who wants to reconcile with his wife, when he stumbles upon a hostage situation and suddenly realizes he’s the only person inside that can save the them. The Los Angeles Police Department, SWAT teams and even the FBI show up to the scene, but John McClane has it all covered as he steps on broken glass with his bare feet, uses C-4 explosives and saves his wife all in one night. An astounding movie that, although it might be a borderline-Christmas movie, is still a great one. Though it is only technically a “Christmas” movie because the movie begins on Christmas Eve, this movie deserves to be in Top 5 for it’s ever so quotable lines, and unforgettable action and heroics. Die Hard is my fourth pick.


Three. After a young orphan wanders into Santa’s sack of presents, he is adopted by a loving father, but does not feel like he fits in with the other children. One day, his adopted father calls him over, telling him he was from a different city and has a biological family, too. But when he goes to find his real family, they are slow to understand him and where he grew up. While there is a bounty of hilarious scenes, this movie takes you to a land of pure nostalgia. Friends, family, strangers, it does not matter, Elf claims the number three ranking on my list because every single time you are blessed with even just one scene of this movie, it never disappoints.


Two. This 1964 stop-motion film airs not only once, but several times during the Christmas season. With Sam the Snowman as the narrator, the audience is thrown into the life of a “misfit”, as this animal has to hide who he is to conform to the rest of the population. But as the weather becomes increasingly dangerous, this “misfit” leads Santa’s Sleigh through the stormy night, and it is a very merry Christmas for all of the children. As one of the most frequently watched and favorite movies of my childhood, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is my pick for second place.


One. This cartoon-style animated film may be nearly 50 years old, but it’s heart-warming story remains timeless. It does not get any more classic than my favorite Christmas movie of all time, which took my nine-year-old self on emotional rollercoaster. How the Grinch Stole Christmas! is my number one pick for best Christmas movie. This movie has always reminded me of the blissfulness of gift-giving during Christmas time.

When surrounded by family and friends, there is no greater moment of joy than watching a loved one smiling from ear to ear while opening something hand-picked by yourself. This Christmas season, make it your goal to excite someone you really care about; he or she might really need it this year.

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