This Grand Rapids News Station Proves That Actual News Reporting Is No Longer Allowed

By this point, many Americans recognize that the mainstream media are far from trustworthy. Plenty of people have begun to recognize that censorship is a pressing issue, although some continue to claim that censorship is distributed equally across the political spectrum, when the reality is that conservative voices, and even conservative ideas, are heavily censored on nearly every major mainstream social media platform with very few exceptions. However, not everyone is aware of the extent to which censorship can inject itself into our everyday lives.

At WOOD-TV, in Grand Rapids, objective news reporting, or any reporting that deviates from the network’s agenda, is no longer allowed. At WOOD-TV, one of the assistant directors wrote a memo to the news reporters regarding their coverage of “Pride Month.” In the memo, the individual encouraged the news reporters to “get both sides of the issue.” The memo also advised that the news station didn’t necessarily need to cover every single story surrounding Pride Month or Pride events.

These all seem like completely reasonable things to encourage. One should reasonably expect that a news outlet like WOOD-TV, a major news outlet for many in the Grand Rapids area and large sections of Kent and Ottawa Counties, would attempt to report things reasonably objectively by recognizing and discussing opposing opinions rather than completely and entirely affirming the pro-LGBT side of the argument and aggressively silencing any other belief. At the very least, one would hope that WOOD-TV would at least be willing to acknowledge opposing viewpoints on topics as controversial as Pride Month and the entire LGBT agenda, especially as the movement is losing public support owing to the overall aggressiveness and assertiveness of its agenda. Unfortunately, the response from WOOD-TV demonstrates how much journalistic integrity has been compromised to push a particular agenda.

WOOD-TV faced immediate backlash from LGBT activists for its attempt to encourage objective journalism. Nexstar, the media corporation that owns WOOD-TV, issued a statement that emphasized the importance of “diversity, equity and inclusion” as one of its highest priorities. In the statement, Nexstar quickly apologized for “offending members of the LGBTQ community.” Nexstar also mentioned that the individual who wrote the memo would no longer be involved in news-coverage decisions for the rest of the month and that it was “looking into” the situation. The backlash didn’t only include Nexstar. Unsurprisingly, community backlash from left-wing activists was intense along with backlash from other staff members from WOOD-TV. WOOD-TV itself stated that the statements were not consistent with the “values” of the news station. One of the news anchors, Michele DeSelms, stated that reporting both sides of LGBT issues was the equivalent of “hate and discrimination” against LGBT people.

What this all points to is the fact that media organizations and corporations are significantly beyond simply being skewed to the left. This is no longer the case of the media being slightly liberal leaning but still willing to present both sides of a highly controversial issue. Instead, major news outlets outright refuse to acknowledge that a differing perspective from their “values” even exists. If anyone even considers the idea of trying to report both sides of an issue, they will be immediately scolded for their opinion. Any person who even attempts to acknowledge that individuals who hold traditional, conservative views exist will be shouted down as hateful and discriminatory.

Conservative commentary is at serious risk within the mainstream media. Fox News, which was once considered to be a conservative news outlet, has turned on its audience. In addition to firing Tucker Carlson, one of the most prominent conservative journalists, Fox News has been exposed for promoting “gender affirming care,” including for minors, and encouraging employees to donate to fringe left-wing LGBT activist groups, such as the Trevor Project.

The immediate push to promote and force individuals to accept left-wing LGBT ideology is proving to be accompanied with swift censorship of any individual who dares to hold a different perspective on the issue. Those brave enough to speak out regarding this blatant and forced one-sided news reporting have faced, and will continue to face, severe consequences for their decision to verbalize their perspective until significant pressure and consequences are placed on news corporations that are pushing dangerous ideologies while silencing any other.

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About Wade Vellky

Wade Vellky, the deputy editor of the Michigan Review, is a sophomore in LSA. Originally from Orange Township, Ohio, he previously attended the University of Wisconsin and Ohio State University.