Athletics at a Crossroads: An Argument for Deemphasizing the Importance of Collegiate Athletics

It is hard to articulate just how magical and exciting football Saturday is. I will never forget that first Saturday, 110,000 fans screaming as our fearless classmates went to war. We laughed, we screamed, we cried, and we bonded together. It was truly an experience unlike any other, something impossible not to love. Sports have […]

2016 in Review: Another Blown Call

For many, 2016 was simply a year to forget.  Riddled with the passing of iconic celebrities, continued tensions in the Middle East, and, of course, the election of business magnate and always-controversial Donald Trump, this year has done more to dishearten and divide the American public since “Dressgate”. However, if sports are your passion, 2016 […]

It’s Not Over Yet

All in all, Michigan should count themselves lucky, as their loss may not even matter in the long run.  With both Clemson and Washington falling as well to unranked opponents, Michigan’s chances of making it back to playoff contention still remain strong. Amongst the volatility and unpredictable nature of the College Football Playoff rankings, Michigan’s […]

The Road Ahead

What then is the future, the road ahead, for Michigan Basketball? Simply put, there is work to be done, but we have the tools to succeed. Watching the team at both its best and worse throughout the year, I saw the potential next year’s team will have. And it all starts with the fundamentals.