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Sexual Assault and Concealed Carry

A traditional favorite for constitution bashing has always been second amendment rights. Recently, this issue has flared up again, this time in relation to college campuses and sexual assault. Currently, it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon anywhere on property owned by the University of Michigan Regents as per a special ordinance enacted by the University. State law requires …

Erin DunneSexual Assault and Concealed Carry
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On Free Speech

A disturbing trend on campus was recently revealed nationally: students don’t know what free speech means. It seems that one’s right to free speech has ended where another’s feelings begin. Of course, when we speak of principles, subjective things like feelings should have no sway for objective standards. As George Orwell said, “If liberty means anything at all, it means …

Michigan ReviewOn Free Speech
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A New Look at Drunk Driving Laws

Driving drunk is a pervasive problem in the United States. Americans drive more often under the influence of alcohol, and the US has significantly higher fatalities due to drunk driving, than most other parts of the world. To be sure, the goal of this article is not to say that drunk driving is not a problem or that it is …

Ryan MillerA New Look at Drunk Driving Laws
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All in for Governor Scott Walker

It does seem a bit early to be writing about 2016. Still, I would be one of the first to acknowledge the importance of getting voters to think about the bigger Why? questions, the implications of supporting a certain candidate. So here is brief formulation (and answer) to the question: “Who should those on the Right support through the GOP …

Deion KathawaAll in for Governor Scott Walker
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What is SAFE?

Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE) is an organization at the University of Michigan whose mission statement is to “advance the causes of freedom, justice, human rights and equality for all peoples” with a focus on Palestinian rights. Yet the group has ignored the most heinous crimes against humanity, especially those against Palestinians. Recently, SAFE has been mobilizing a …

Samuel ShragoWhat is SAFE?
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Time to Wake Up and and Smell the Uranium

The long perpetuated myth that support for the State of Israel is a bilateral, bipartisan phenomenon in American politics has been publicly exposed once again this past week.  It all stems from the Obama administration’s pronounced objection to new sanctions against Iran that would prevent the regime from stalling further as it develops its nuclear weaponry.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as …

Jesse ArmTime to Wake Up and and Smell the Uranium
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*Sigh* I Guess It’s … Fratgate

Fraternities (and sororities) nowadays have become havens for and enablers of a prolonged and destructive adolescence. They are, to put it mildly, utter cesspools of immorality—veritable “dens of iniquity.”

Deion Kathawa*Sigh* I Guess It’s … Fratgate
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The Reciprocal Virtue of Free Speech

Given the ghastly massacre in Paris recently, many issues may be raised concerning politically protected satire (whatever its quality) when the cartoon pen is shown to be less mighty to terror attacks. One issue consists of the reasons to justify extending the law to protect speech and satire—even satire that would offend and enrage to such an extent that men …

Ryan ShinkelThe Reciprocal Virtue of Free Speech
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Hebdo and Progressive Hypocrisy

Does the content of the Hebdo cartoonists render their murder any less tragic? In either case, the social justice crowd should recognize the parallels and understand why many defenders of free speech and Hebdo are upset by accusations that Hebdo was “kind of asking for it.”

Hunter SwoggerHebdo and Progressive Hypocrisy
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U.S. Constitution Class Cancelled Due To UM Teacher ‘Feeling Uncomfortable’

It has recently been announced that History 387, “The Making of the United States Constitution,” has been cancelled due to the teacher, assistant professor Dexter Perkins, having reported that he found the course material ‘offensive’ and ‘not suitable for teaching.’

Ryan ShinkelU.S. Constitution Class Cancelled Due To UM Teacher ‘Feeling Uncomfortable’