Fighting for Free Speech on the Diag

On Friday, September 18th, a group of students gathered on the Diag to celebrate the constitution and encourage freedom of expression on campus. Armed with a giant beach ball, sharpies, and constitutions, members of the Students for Liberty chapter at the University of Michigan worked to foster an understanding of first amendment rights on campus. […]

[PHOTO] Private Hillary Email

Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account to conduct matters involving classified information and private correspondences during her tenure as Secretary of State has drawn the ire of many Americans. An initial report from the New York Times indicated that Clinton, on the first day of her Senate Confirmation hearing, arranged to set up an email […]

Ready or Not: Here Comes Hillary

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton announced her intent to run for president of the United States. Her two-minute campaign video focused on domestic policy and the economy with the latter likely to be a defining issue moving forward. As her husband’s campaign astutely divined, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Foreign policy was not mentioned at all. In […]