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Michigan Boxing Prepares to Defend National Title

This Thursday, Michigan Boxing looks to defend their national title from some of the best collegiate boxing talent in the nation.  With both returning champions and new competitors in the ring, as well as solid leadership from captains Kevin Bosma and Kate Johnson, it’s a night you won’t want to miss.

Jake ThorneMichigan Boxing Prepares to Defend National Title
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The Myth of Free-Market Healthcare

Anyone who tries to tell you that the free market was the reason why nearly 15% of Americans were uninsured in 2008 is misleading you.

Daisy BeldenThe Myth of Free-Market Healthcare
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EDITORIAL: Doing the Right Thing?

Recently, the Michigan Daily suspended for a week, Omar Mahmood, a longtime contributor to the Daily and a writer for the Michigan Review. A student complained about being made to feel “uncomfortable” due to Mahmood’s recent satirical piece for the Review, “Do the Left Thing.” It discusses the micro-aggressions that the small left-handed student minority faces at the University of …

Michigan Review StaffEDITORIAL: Doing the Right Thing?
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Students Pledge to Shut Down Campus if Minority Enrollment Doesn’t Increase

Disgruntled students at the University of Michigan have declared an alleged drop in minority enrollment a “national scandal” and representative of “the new Jim Crow,” and pledged in conjunction with community organizers at a recent strategy meeting on campus to “kick this university’s ass” and “shut the campus down” unless minority enrollment increases. The comments were made by University of …

Hunter SwoggerStudents Pledge to Shut Down Campus if Minority Enrollment Doesn’t Increase

Economics of Health Care System

There should be government interventions insomuch that the government helps fix market inefficiencies so that the health care system can in the future be semi-autonomous. The worry of inefficiency is well grounded in the fact that the system is absurdly expensive compared to other developed countries. Nearly 18% of GDP ($2.5 trillion) is contributed by the health care sector – …

Hilda LiEconomics of Health Care System