How UM Made Me Conservative and Its Lessons

There are countless gifts I have received while being an undergraduate at the University of Michigan: inspiring professors and graduate instructors who taught me a love of Shakespeare, Existentialism, Nietzsche, Plato, Homer, nineteenth century French literature, and interpretations of quantum mechanics. The gift relevant here is that the University of Michigan made me love the […]

Support the Review

We here at the Review are humbly asking for material support—from you, our loyal readers—so that we can continue to provide the University of Michigan campus—and the wider world, where the two intersect—with quality writing that informs and illuminates issues from a perspective and with a voice seldom heard on America’s college campuses. The ability […]

In Response to the Daily: When Divisiveness Masquerades as Social Justice

This past Sunday, Rennie Pasquinelli authored an article, featured in the Michigan Daily, in which she accused “the system” of preferentially privileging Caucasians over other ethnic groups. She listed 20 observations that she asserted supported the conclusion that our university and our country engage in systematic discrimination against minorities.  The observations are probative only of […]

In Response to the Daily: Debunking the BDS Myths

On April 21st, Rami Faraj authored an article titled “An unsafe campus climate,” featured in The Michigan Daily in which he dismissed the barrage of insults targeted at pro-Israel students and death threats received by CSG officials. He went on to accuse Jews (codeword: Zionists) of theft: “you have taken our lands, taken our rights, and are […]

Common Sense Action Press Release

Common Sense Action Launches the First Annual Campus-Movement Competition Ann Arbor, MI – Common Sense Action officially launched the CSA Campus Challenge.  Twenty-five chapters will compete to build the Common Sense Action movement on their campuses, and they will begin to introduce the Agenda for Generational Equity (AGE) – CSA’s Millennial policy agenda – to electoral candidates. The […]

Race: Coming to a Campus Near You

Race has been the primary issue of debate on Michigan’s campus recently, but is also just as contentious a topic on campuses across the country –  from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas speaking about race at Palm Beach Atlantic University, to a spoken word video gone viral at UCLA. Here at Michigan, the recent Black […]

Some observations about Stephen Tonsor, an interview with Gleaves Whitney

Gleaves Whitney is a former student of Professor Tonsor, as well as speechwriter and historian for former Governor John Engler. Currently, Professor Whitney directs the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies at Grand Valley State University. What contributions did Professor Tonsor make to Michigan’s History Department? Back in the 1980s, when I told a friend that […]

On the ASA Boycott of Israeli Universities

This past December, members of the American Studies Association, the United States’ oldest and largest academic association dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of American history and culture, passed a resolution endorsing a boycott of Israeli universities. In the election that led to this endorsement, which drew the largest number of participants in the organization’s history, […]