Ninety Days: Donald Trump and the Refugee Crisis


Ninety days. I believe Donald Trump simply wanted ninety days to focus on America first, but he was denied.

America desperately needs a mere ninety days for Trump to address its most pressing issues, from fixing our broken infrastructure and renegotiating the poorly-crafted trade deals the United States has made in the past, to forming a plan to remedy the “mass instability overseas” as stated in his latest press conference. Additionally, ninety days grants Trump the opportunity to design an immigrant vetting system that is just, efficient, and most importantly, safe. Trump acknowledged the fact of administrative lag –all he wanted was ninety days to fully understand the rather overwhelming problems that, domestically, the United States has, and form plans of action according to each issue.

Legally, unless one is on US soil, no person may claim asylum in the United States; The US, essentially, has no obligation to let anyone into the country, with the only exception being the USRAP. Though Trump’s ninety-day ban was unanimously overturned, the court system ruled the ban unconstitutional on basis that “procedural protections provided by the Fifth Amendment’s Due Process Clause are not limited to citizens”, as if the United States’ Constitution applied to other countries’ citizens as well.

Moreover, why is the United States lavishly foregrounded in media around the world, while other countries like Sweden have expulsion plans of about 80,000 refugees? Germany recently released a police report claiming refugees “committed or tried to commit some 69,000 crimes in the first quarter of 2016”, and the US mainstream media failed to cover it, opting instead to focus on whether or not Donald Trump is a sociopath. On February 16th, Daily Mail UK reported that a “Syrian asylum seeker is jailed for life in Sweden after horrifying footage emerged of him taking part in the execution of seven men in 2012”. The US mainstream media, besides Fox News, who interviewed the film-maker, Ami Horowitz, has reported on a refugee documentary made in Sweden detailing  “an absolute surge in both gun violence and rape in Sweden, since the acceptance of 163,000 refugees.

Most Importantly, the safety of our country is at stake, many of the refugees lack documentation; these people could be anybody. They could be average people, genuine, kind-hearted; but many come from a region in which the radical Islamic terrorist organization, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) controls about 23,300 square miles as of December 2016. I believe Trump solely wanted a ninety day delay in order to organize proper and secure vetting for all refugees.

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