A Gay Man Walks into a Gun Shop

The NRA, in defending citizens’ right to “keep and bear Arms”—a right clearly enumerated in the Second Amendment—is imposing its values on everyone else. But when social conservatives make the case that gay activists and left-wing academics in Obergefell have forced their own moral views upon the rest of the nation by redefining marriage to make into a genderless institution more focused on the romantic desires of adults at the expense of the needs and rights of children, we are laughed out of the room.

The Confederate Flag: To Fly or Not to Fly

No, banning the flag solves nothing. It only serves to lull us into believing that we have “Done something important.” Banning the flag reifies the legitimacy of its symbolic power. The flag does have power, but only if we allow it to have such sway. A clear and unabashed analysis of the flag is the only way in which we can hope to nullify its power. We expunge it at our own risk. Much like martyrs inspire more powerfully their causes than they ever could while alive, so too will the Confederate flag if it is removed from the public square. We will have merely facilitated the nightmarish transformation of the flag: from visible abomination to invisible abomination.”

The Curious Case of Caitlyn Jenner and What We Ought to Do About It

Needless to say, I think this is all malarkey; that is, all of this jargon is merely academic posturing dressed up in high-sounding definitional rhetoric—all to obscure a deeper reality: that modern gender theory is merely a cover under which those confused about their maleness or femaleness can work out their own misgivings, past hurts, and future insecurities under and within what appears to be a large, welcoming tent of legitimacy. It is no such thing.